Tias Bunnies

FAQ- Answering those questions you have about rabbits

~When do rabbits sleep?

Rabbits sleep during the day mostly. Even in the wild they are most awake in the evening and mornings.


~Should I get my rabbit a friend?

Rabbits are very social creatures and love companionship. But you have to be careful! Just like humans, they like certain rabbits, and they dislike certain rabbits. Some like to have their cage to themselves. It is very important you see if the rabbits get along before you purchase that rabbit if you want him/her bonded. Two males is a no no. Males fight because they are very territorial, and will fight to the death. Two females can bond, depending on those specific rabbits. Males and females bond the best, but you have to be sure that you spay and neutor them first.


~What should i get for my new rabbit?

you need:

-Cage big enough for your rabbit. I think personally the bigger the better.

-Food (Hay& pellets)

-Toys! Yes, rabbits love toys. 

-I suggest a hay rack

-litter box (optional)

-travel cage. I highly suggest that.

Visit my care page for more information.



 ~Are rabbits rodents?

No, rabbits are not rodents. they are called langomorphs.


 ~ I Should use a wire bottom cage, right?

A wire bottom cage is absolutely fine to you. It is also easy to clean, especially if your rabbit isn't litter trained. Just make sure your rabbit has a resting mat or board available in the cage. Their feet are not made for walking on wire bottom floor, and their feet can easily be damaged. The bottoms of their feet is only made of thick fur (some thicker then others) Always check your rabbits feet for sours, especially if they live in a wire bottom cage.



~Should I give my rabbit a bath?

No, you shouldnt bath a rabbit unless a vet tells you to because of a medical condition. some rabbits can swim, but it doesnt mean they like the water. Most rabbits hate water and get too stressed. This can lead to Toxic Shock, and can kill your bunny. If you have to bath the bunny, only fill the tub with an inch or two of water and make sure that your rabbits head doesnt go under. If your rabbit has a stain on his/her coat, its best to use a wet handcloth wit just water and whipe it off, or use a bunny safe spray to help get the stain off.


~Should I feed my bunny carrots , letuce, and other fruits and veggies?

Be careful about doing this because rabbits will eat most things, even if it isnt good for them. So dont just throw fruits and veggies that you dont know is safe for bunnies. For example, Romane lettuce and celrey is bad for your rabbit because it has too much water content. You can feed your rabbit apple slices, but make sure there are no seeds because apple seeds are toxic to rabbits. You can feed them slices of carrots, bannana(with peel), parsley, and dandylines. Make sure you introduce these foods slowly, and in moderation. Also, the rabbit should be an adult before feeding it these treats, because a babys stomach is sencitive and this can give it diaria, which can kill a baby easily.


 ~ I thought this was a baby lop bunny, but its ears are not flopped!

Baby lops are born with straight up ears. Some lop rabbits take longer to flop then others.  Just give it time. Holland lops ears normally flop between 3 weeks ro 6 months. Some other lops may take years to flop.

~What gender is the best to get?

It all depends on your preferance. this doesnt mean all male and females act this way, it all depends on your rabbit. each rabbit is an indivual! this is just most common:


- Male rabbits seem much friendlier, playful, and higher energy depending on the breed.

-Females usually are a bit more dosile, they are more indipendant, and easier to litter train.


-Males can get agressive when they become sexually mature, and do not get along with other malse. They are quight territorial and spray, and mark more then  females.  You should get your bunny boy neutered(It will help with marking and territorial behaviors).

-females can get agressive around their nests and get very moody. One day they are all happy and up in your face, the next they are in the corner wanting to be left alone. Spaying your female can help with these behaviors


~How long does a rabbit usually live?

Rabbits can live 7 to 10 years. It all depends on your indivual rabbit, and its nutrition, exersize, and overall health.


~Do rabbits need shots like dogs and cats?

No, rabbits do not need regular shots because they are not prone to diseases like your cat or dog.