Tias Bunnies

Why does my rabbit do this?

Bunny Behaviors:


Thump- I'm either Scared.. or being sassy. You can tell what your rabbit is trying to tell you by its body language. Laying stiff or frantically running usually means your rabbit is in distress. If your rabbit looks relaxed, muscles are not tight, and you don't see the whites of his or her eyes, she/he just want some attention.


Grunting- Usually means "back off, I will bite you!" Male rabbits also make little grunting noises when they are trying to breed with a doe.


Grinding teeth- Usually means I'm relaxed. Its similar to how a cat purrs. Grinding teeth can also means your rabbit is in pair. Usually this grinding is louder and your rabbit looks like its in distress/in pain.


 Screaming- This is a horrible sound that comes from a rabbit Dying, or in horrible pain. BRING YOUR RABBIT TO THE VET IMMEDIATELY!


little Jumps in the air- This is called a Binky. Your rabbit is extremely happy and its playing.


Licking - Your rabbit is giving you kisses!


Cleaning itself - Rabbits clean themselves, so you do not need to bath your rabbit. You need to brush your rabbit, though. 


Mounting / humping- This is a behavior that shows two things: 

- one: Its time to get your rabbit spayed or neutered. Spaying or neutering helps the humping decrease.

- two: This is a dominant behaviors that even females do. They are saying "Im the boss"


 Sitting up on his/her two hind legs: This is a bunny scoping its surroundings. Also, it could also be begging for a treat! 


Sitting in corners: Rabbits feel protected sitting up against the wall because they are prey animals. Putting your rabbits cage against a wall is a great idea.


Climbing up onto things(well hopping lol) - rabbits love to do this! They get to the highest point because of a better view.


Tiptoeing bunny?- Yes, rabbits do this! They do it when they are not sure of something and being causous. 


Scratching- If you reach toward your bunny and it sits up and scratches you with its paws, almost like its boxing, It means "GO AWAY NOW" its a warning that it may bite if you keep doing something that it doesn't like.


Laying Flat - Rabbits freeze and lay flat when they are scarred and hiding from what they think is a predator. Laying like this also can mean "I surrender".


Chinning - Rabbits have scent glands under their chin, so when they rub their chin on something or someone, they are leaving their scent and saying "this is mine!"


Spraying - when a rabbit jumps and sprays pee all over,this is a territorial behavior. Males do this more often then females. Neutering can reduce this behavior.


Little poop here, a little poop there - they spread lil poops all over to mark their territory and spread their scent. Males tend to do this more then females.


Eating poo - its not uncommon for them to do this. What they eat is hard to digest and they are not capable of absorbing the nutrition in their intestinal wall, so they get this needed nutrition from eating their poo. They really do not eat their normal kind, but the soft kind called cecal.


Pulling out fur- Females pull out fur to make nests for their young. Its possible she is pregnant, or shes having a false pregnancy, which is very common