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 My name is Tia and this is my page about my rabbits, and my rabbitry.  My first rabbit was a rescue rabbit.  I had to put so much time and effort into him because of behavioral issues due to neglectful people in his past. Working with him made me realize how much I love these shy, loving, and playful guys. You need to work to gain a rabbits trust, but once you do, it is very rewarding.

 My rabbits come from reputable breeders and some also are rescues(who are just pets). I belong to ABRA, 4h and some other clubs, too. I also work with multiple shelters. I show my bunnies as much as I can all over. I have had and shown a few breeds (Holland lop, English lop, Netherland Dwarf, Lionheads, ect.) But I really love the English angora! I love this beautiful, challenging breed. Reciently I have become intrested in Belgian Hares and started working with them. They are such an interesting breed! Also, I breed holland lops for fun time to time.